All training begins by bonding with the horse - developing trust, boundaries, and respect.  Initial training begins with various desensitizing exercises to build the horse's confidence.  Groundwork is done simultaneously and may include halter training, leading, tying, bathing, clipping, hoof trimming, loading, halter work in hand, lunging, and teaching basic voice commands.


After desensitizing and groundwork, the horse is introduced to tacking up, untacking, mounting and dismounting.  Under saddle work begins with many of the same voice commands that the horse has already learned, which helps to establish confidence and a smooth transition into riding work.  Basic under saddle work focuses on relaxation and rhythm with the horse willingly accepting contact and staying light off the aids.  The horse learns the fundamentals for training and first level dressage - lots of transitions, square halts, bending and balancing exercises, lengthening, free walk, stretchy trot, lateral work, etc.  Along with basic dressage, horses are hauled off-site for trail riding.  It is not only a break from arena work, but an excellent learning opportunity to prepare the horse for their future riding career.  Off-site trail riding allows the horse to gain experience in loading, hauling, trailer tying, and riding in a group setting.  Additional desensitizing is done on the trail, with exposure to traffic, bodies of water, and trail obstacles.  Owners are allowed to visit training horses at any time and are encouraged to participate in training sessions.

Training and sale packages are offered for owners who would like to have their horse marketed and sold during training.

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