Caladesi is a 15.2h buckskin Akhal-Teke stallion born in 2017.  He is dual registered with VNIIK and ATAA.  Sephard Shael x Osman x Akhmed.

At first glance, Caladesi’s metallic buckskin color is what catches the eye.  However, it is his impressive movement and sweet, docile temperament that really set him apart.  Cali is just getting started under saddle, proving to be a fast learner with an incredible work ethic.

Caladesi’s color genetics are Aa, Ee, CR/n, nd1/nd2.  There is a 50% chance of passing red or black, dominant agouti, cream, or non-dun primitive markings.  Potential offspring colors may include buckskin, palomino, perlino, bay, smoky black, cremello, red, smoky cream, and black.

Caladesi is NFS negative and also tested negative for all genetic diseases on the Etalon Diagnostics DNA panel.  Caladesi has had his semen evaluated in 10 extenders to determine the best way to ship.  The best results include Plain, VMDZ, Botu Gold, and Botu Special, with the semen living over 120 hours in Botu Special.  70% progressive motility.

2021 Stud Fee is $1,000 shipped cooled with a live foal guarantee.  The breeding is good for two breeding seasons.  Collections/analysis/processing of semen is performed by either LBQH Stallion Station or Peterson & Smith Equine Reproduction Center and shipped via Fed Ex overnight.

Contact Rachel at (813) 335-1950 for more information on breeding to this incredible stallion!

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Lord Zakur of Dirthmatore

Ziggy is a GVHS registered silver dapple Gypsy Vanner colt.  He is by Ruthar's Sunlight of Lexlin out of Tiazara of Mango's Forest.  Ziggy was born in 2019, so he has quite some time before being offered for breeding.  Ziggy is a stunning stallion prospect with a loving, curious disposition.

Ziggy's color genetics are aa, Ee, Zz, W20/n.  He has a 50% chance of passing red or black and silver or dominant white 20 to any offspring.  Ziggy tested negative for HYPP, PSSM1, and all other genetic diseases on the Etalon Diagnostics DNA panel.