Horse Training

Copperstone Equestrian Center offers individualized training programs that incorporate dressage, trail riding, trail obstacle, and jumping.  Each horse has its own custom training program designed to develop the horse.  Gentle training methods are used to establish a happy, willing equine partner.  Horses in full training are worked 5-6 days per week with a combination of groundwork and riding.  Owners are encouraged to visit and participate in training sessions.   Training board is $950 per month and includes full board and barefoot hoof trimming.


Sale Consignment

We offer a full-service sale consignment program for select horses and ponies.  In addition to board and full training, we take care of pictures, videos, advertisements, website listings, sales showings, and closing of the sale.  We network to buyers all across the country and have a high success rate of placing horses in excellent homes.  We make every effort to ensure the best match of horse and rider.  Training board and commission is taken off of the sale price when the horse sells.  $950 per month + 15% commission


Hoof Trimming Lessons

One-on-one hoof trimming lessons are available to clients in central Florida.  Along with learning how to perform the barefoot hoof trim, you will also discover how to read the hoof to better understand hoof health and functionality.
$750 for 6 lessons (+mileage fees added for travel)