Sale Consignment

We offer a full-service sale consignment program for select horses and ponies. Your horse will receive the finest care and stay in a professional program while being offered for sale. We believe in full disclosure and make every effort to ensure the best match of horse and rider. Copperstone Equestrian Center will handle all aspects of the marketing and sale for you. We will keep photos and videos current, handle all correspondence from buyers, help arrange their travel and accommodations, present your horse to buyers, negotiate the sale, provide a legal sale contract that meets the Florida equine sales laws, and arrange to have your horse shipped to his new location.
Many sale horses are sold “off the cuff,” which means that owners do not pay anything upfront when a horse is brought in to sell. Training board and commission are taken off of the purchase price after the horse has sold.


Training Board

Copperstone Equestrian Center offers custom equine training programs designed to develop the horse both in and out of the ring. Gentle training methods are used to establish a happy, willing equine partner. All horses are cross trained in a variety of disciplines to provide a good training foundation. Training board includes the following:
• Airy 12’ x 12’ stall with imported stall mattress and covered run-out
• Unlimited access to premium hays
• Top-quality non-GMO feed with free-choice mineral balancing
• 12+ hours of turnout in a private paddock or with other horses
• Grooming, bathing, mane pulling, trimming, and show clip
• Barefoot hoof trimming
• Tack cleaning and basic laundry service
• Fly mask, fly spray, blanket application as needed


Hoof Trimming Lessons

For clients wanting a better understanding of the equine hoof, private on-site hoof trimming lessons are available.  Discover how to read the hoof to better understand hoof health and functionality, perform the barefoot hoof trim, and learn about environmental and dietary adjustments that will allow the horse to grow stronger, healthier hooves.  More advanced lessons include the application of hoof casting, Hoof Armor, and other tools that assist with barefoot hoof rehabilitation.