Barefoot Hoof Trim - Your horse will receive a natural non-invasive barefoot hoof trim, tailored to your horse's needs.  We will discuss how to improve the hooves for optimal strength and balance with a focus on establishing soundness.
$60 Barefoot Hoof Trim (Pulling Shoes +$10, Thrush Treatment +$5)

*Off-site hoof trims will include a mileage fee

Hoof Trimming Lessons - Have you ever wanted to learn how to trim your own horse?  Along with learning how to perform the barefoot hoof trim, you will also discover which tools are necessary and how to use them, gaining trust and obedience from your horse, proven natural remedies for white line disease and thrush and how to read the hoof to know which parts of the hoof need to be trimmed.  Hoof trimming lessons are scheduled 4 weeks apart and include 6 sessions.
$750 for 6 sessions with 1 horse

Advanced Hoof Trimming Lessons - For those who have demonstrated proficient knowledge and skill in hoof trimming, advanced hoof trimming lessons will teach you how to trim the more difficult cases.  Examples include horses with chronic laminitis, navicular, founder, long toes, run-under heels, thin soles, splits, club foot and coffin bone rotation.
$125 per lesson

Natural Horse Care Consultations - One-on-one guidance in the topics of your choosing:  natural treatments for thrush, dewormer, fly spray, coat conditioner, etc.; transitioning your horse to a whole foods diet (includes exact recipes and where to buy ingredients); natural hoof care and choosing the right trimmer; creating track systems for horse boarding; and more!
$125 (1.5-2 hours)

Private Horseback Riding Lessons (on or off-site):
30 minute lesson $50
1 hour lesson $75
1.5 hour lesson $100

Beginner Riding Lessons:
Properly catch the horse in the pasture
Lead the horse with confidence
Keep the horse from invading your personal space
Lead the horse in and out of gates
Tie the lead rope for grooming
How to walk around the horse safely while grooming and tacking
Grooming techniques, including tools and order of use
Be able to touch and groom the horse all over
How to pick up the horse’s feet and pick the hooves
Know the horse’s mood by reading his body language (happy, curious, impatient, etc.)
Parts of the horse’s tack and their purpose
How to apply leg wraps and boots
How to saddle the horse
Proper girth tension before mounting
Setting the correct stirrup length
Mounting from both sides of the horse from a mounting block or bench
Learn the correct seat while riding at the walk and trot
Steering cues at the walk and trot
Ride in 2-point to prepare for posting trot
Learn posting trot while on the lunge line, progressing to off-line
Increasing and decreasing tempo at the walk and trot
Transitions between halt, walk and trot
Halting and backing the horse
Emergency halt and dismount
Safely give the horse treats

Intermediate Riding Lessons
More proficiency at all of the beginner skills, plus:
Know the correct diagonal when riding posting trot
Learn sitting trot while on the lunge line
Walk and trot a 20 meter circle, diagonal, figure-eight and other patterns
Trot without stirrups
Learn to ride the canter while on the lunge line, progressing to off-line
Know canter leads
Ride bareback at the walk, with brief periods of sitting trot
Increase and decrease tempo at all three gaits
Half-halt at trot and canter
Trail riding obstacles
Walk and trot over cavaletti

Advanced Riding Lessons
Confidence at walk, trot and canter and able to ride various patterns in all three gaits
Work on keeping contact with the horse at all times
Change canter leads through the trot
Canter over cavaletti and low jumps
Learn counter canter
Leg yields at the trot and canter
Balance through gait transitions
Turn on the haunches
Ride bareback in all gaits to establish balanced, independent seat
Extend and collect the horse in all gaits
Further development of the seat and hands
Flying lead changes
Cross country jumping through 2’6”
Practice riding USDF dressage tests