Hoof Rehab - Barefoot hoof rehabilitation for horses with hoof issues such as chronic laminitis, founder, navicular, white line disease, tendon/ligament injuries, external hoof imbalances, thin soles, and run-under heels.  The goal is to create sound, healthy barefoot hooves and treat hoof issues naturally without the use of conventional treatment (i.e. shoes, drugs, and surgery).  Horses return home after completing rehab.  Give us a call to discuss your horse's needs.

Horse Training - We offer groundwork, young horse starting, and training in dressage, low jumping, and trail riding.  Custom training packages are available.  All training includes full care board and barefoot hoof trimming.  Owners receive regular updates throughout training and are encouraged to participate in training sessions.

Horse Sales - All-inclusive training and sale packages are available.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Hoof Trimming Lessons - Have you ever wanted to learn how to trim your own horse?  Along with learning how to perform the barefoot hoof trim, you will also discover which tools are necessary and how to use them, gaining trust and obedience from your horse during trimming, proven natural remedies for white line disease and thrush, and how to read the hoof to better understand hoof health and functionality.  Hoof trimming lessons are generally scheduled 4 weeks apart and include 6 sessions.
$750 for 6 sessions with 1 horse (+mileage fees added for travel)