Horse Showings

If you are interested in one of our sale horses, please call Rachel at (352) 467-5695.  Please note that we will not schedule a showing, vetting, or allow a horse to be sold without first speaking with the buyer/trainer to discuss suitability.  We believe in full disclosure and finding the right match for each horse and rider.

Sale horses can be tried any day of the week.  Let us know your availability and we will find a day/time that works best with your schedule.  There are no charges for on-site horse showings.


Optional Deposits

Buyers have the choice to put down a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 to hold a horse for 7 days.  The deposit ensures that a buyer has adequate time to ride or vet a horse they are interested in purchasing without the horse being sold to another buyer in the meantime.  If a buyer chooses to purchase the horse during the hold time, the deposit goes towards the purchase price.  If a buyer chooses not to purchase the horse for any reason, then the non-refundable deposit is forfeit.

Many sellers do not offer to hold horses for deposits and instead have a strict “First Come, First Served” sales policy.  This often leads to horses being sold out from underneath buyers who have already purchased plane tickets or scheduled a vetting.  Our optional deposit protects buyers from this situation by buying time.  While a horse is on hold, it will not be sold to another buyer.  However, the horse can continue to be shown until payment has cleared and other buyers may sign back-up sale contracts.

If you are interested in a sale horse that is currently on hold, please do not be discouraged.  It does not mean that the horse is sold.  We have had buyers cancel showings, back out due to unforeseen life changes, and decide not to purchase after a horse vets 100% clean.  Deposits are simply an option to buy time without the horse being sold to another buyer.


Pre-Purchase Exam (PPE)

Buyers are encouraged to hire a qualified veterinarian to perform a PPE.  Buyers are welcome to call one of the local vets or bring in an outside vet of their choosing that will travel to our farm.  The vets listed below travel with portable digital X-ray machines, are easy to schedule with, and have excellent communication with buyers.

Brian Dillard DVM, Dillard Large Animal Services, 352-467-9696

Ryan Meeks DVM, Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital, 352-843-0635

Christina Ellis DVM, Mid-Florida Large Animal Veterinary Services, 352-817-6965

Nicole Seward DVM, Equine Performance Veterinary Practice, 407-657-7311



The following payment methods are allowed:  cash, wire transfer, cashier’s check, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal (friends and family only, or add 3% to cover fees), and personal checks on a limited basis.  All forms of payment must clear before a horse is allowed to ship.



After payment has been made on a horse, we will help arrange shipping for the buyer.  We have a network of professional haulers that we use to ship horses all across the country and often get better quotes from our main haulers than a buyer is able to obtain on their own.  Sold horses are held at no cost to the buyer for up to 3 days while shipping is arranged.  If a horse will be staying longer than 3 days after purchase, training board will be charged at $50 per day and must be paid in full before the horse is released to the hauler.