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Coming Soon – FOGF Cesarios Royal Firefly

2015 | 13.2H | Gypsy Vanner | Gelding | Black

Coming Soon – Lady Grey of Red Oak

2019 | 13.3H+ | Gypsy Vanner | Mare | Grey

George of the Jungle

George won first place at his recent western dressage show with the extremely high score of 81.75%! He is trained for halter classes, trail in-hand, ridden trail, English pleasure, Western pleasure, and Western dressage. George hacks out like a seasoned trail horse alone and in a group. He regularly rides around highway traffic, farm machinery, livestock, etc. and rides the entire trail obstacle course that the mounted police use for training. He loves to go swimming in the river and will even pony other horses while he swims. He is proficient with ground driving in a harness and would make a nice driving horse. George is quiet enough for advanced beginners and children. Simple and easy to ride in the arena, on trails, and over obstacles. Always gentle and willing. Everyone that meets him falls in love! George has a great work ethic and is the same horse even after time off. Perfect gentleman to tie, bathe, clip, braid, load, and haul. He gets along with all the other horses in turnout and he keeps a clean stall. Sound barefoot and up-to-date on everything with no vices. Registered with GHRA and can be double-registered with GVHS. He currently measures 13.3H sticked barefoot and we expect him to grow another 2 inches before maturity.

2019 | 13.3H+ | Gypsy Vanner | Gelding | Black & White Tobiano | Low-mid 5-figures

Sunny D

Sunny D will steal your heart with his stunning looks and in-your-pocket personality. At 12yr and 14.2H, Sunny D is the perfect age and size for the whole family. He is soft in the bridle, easy to ride, and lots of fun!

Sunny D is a trusted trail horse, comfortable riding in all kinds of country. He is just as safe riding in a group as he is riding alone. He will ride away from the other horses and the barn without a care in the world. He goes through mud, water, over logs, and up/down hills. He doesn’t blink an eye at speeding cars, motorcycles, bicycles, delivery trucks, or any other type of traffic driving past from in front or behind. He doesn’t even mind when a pack of strange dogs barks at him and follows him down the road…or when we take him to the river and swim right up to a baby alligator. He loves to go swimming and will play in the river while the boats drive past.

Sunny D will neck rein, direct rein, side pass, pick up the correct lead, and has a nice stop. You can use him for ponying, throw a rope off of him, get the mail, push around a giant inflatable ball, walk over bridges and teeter totters, and ride through all of the trail obstacles that the mounted police use for training. Sunny D spent a month at kid’s camp this summer. He also has experience with 4H and ranch work. He is an all-around family horse and rides the same whether he is ridden every day or once a week. He is quiet enough for a beginner and trained enough for an advanced rider to have fun with.

Sunny D has perfect ground manners and is easy to load, haul, groom, tack, bathe, etc. He comes to you and basically halters himself when you get him from the stall or pasture. He is always happy to see you. He keeps a clean stall and gets along great with other horses even in a mixed herd. Sunny D is barefoot with no vices or maintenance. He is up-to-date on shots, Coggins, hoof trimming, floating, sheath cleaning, and deworming.

Don’t miss out on the perfect palomino gelding! Please call Rachel at 813-335-1950 with any questions. Sunny D is located in Brooksville, Florida.

2010 | 14.2H | Quarter Horse | Gelding | Palomino | $10,000


Here’s your opportunity to own a stunning and talented Warmblood gelding!
Secret Bromance is a 6-year old grey Holsteiner x Quarter Horse, registered and microchipped with American Warmblood Registry. Brody stands a solid 16HH measured barefoot with a stick. With his substantial build and big solid hooves, he is often mistaken for a draft cross. The Holsteiner Warmblood and QH cross gives the best of both worlds in size, sensibility, athleticism, conformation, and movement.

Brody is absolutely stunning and turns heads wherever he goes! A 10+ mover with all the personality and heart you could want in your dream horse! Brody rides ENGLISH and WESTERN and moves easily off of your seat and leg. He will ride off on a loose rein or collect up with a soft contact. He has a ground-covering walk, smooth comfortable trot, and rhythmical easy-to-sit canter. He is like riding a couch! He has a great stop, back up, and knows all the lateral work. His walk, trot, and canter are very adjustable and he has easy upward and downward transitions. He can walk to canter and has clean FLYING CHANGES in both directions!

Brody has been trailered all over for hunter paces and trail riding. Woods, water, mud, bridges, traffic, wildlife…he has seen it all and ridden alone and in groups of up to 30 other horses. He will go up or down the steepest hills, over downed trees, through deep creeks, and over all types of rough terrain while being sure-footed. He rides in the front, middle, or back. He has gone on walk, trot, canter hound walks with the local foxhunting club and been exposed to hounds, whips, and gun shots. He enjoys showing off at trail obstacle practice with obstacles including the teeter-totter, narrow bridges/planks, giant inflatable balls, tarps, tents, bubbles, etc.

He has SHOW EXPERIENCE in equitation, English pleasure, cross rails, hunter under saddle, dressage seat equitation, ridden trail, and working equitation level 2 with nice remarks from the judges on his gaits, impulsion, and rhythm. He is a natural over fences and very brave when jumping cross country. Brody has given several confidence-building jumping lessons to junior riders. He is an easy point-and-shoot ride with hunter rhythm and a forgiveness to rider error. Just point him at a jump and he will take you over it. He has beautiful jumping form and does not throw the rider out of the tack when jumping. Brody doesn’t mind if the rider can’t see their distances and he will adjust himself accordingly. He has schooled up to 2’9” with the scope for 3’.

Brody would be ideal for hunter/jumper, dressage, equitation, eventing, fox hunting, trail riding, trail competition, working equitation, or western riding. He is so VERSATILE, he could excel in any discipline. He has perfect ground manners and is easy to load, haul, clip, bathe, braid, groom, tack, etc. He comes to you and basically halters himself when you get him from the stall or pasture. Your farrier will love Brody and his picture-perfect strong barefoot hooves. He is an easy keeper, clean in the stall, and turns out nicely with other horses. He was even used as a babysitter in the stall and turnout for foals weaned last summer, earning him the nickname Babysitter Brody. He is 100% SOUND and HEALTHY with X-rays on file. Up-to-date on everything with no vices, maintenance, or health issues. Please call Rachel at 813-335-1950 with any questions.

2016 | 16H | American Warmblood | Gelding | Grey | Low-mid 5-figures

Kota – SOLD

2016 | 15.2H | American Warmblood | Gelding | Grey

Dalton – SOLD

2008 | 16.2H | APHA & PtHA | Gelding | Sorrel Overo

Bandera Dublin Balladeer – SOLD

2016 | 14H | Gypsy Vanner | Gelding | Black Sabino

Charlie – SOLD

2016 | 16.3H | AQHA Appendix | Gelding | Bay

Lucky – SOLD

2009 | 15H | AQHA | Gelding | Palomino