Copperstone Equestrian Center is a private gated facility, hidden away on a hilltop with 20 acres of gently sloping hills.  The horses spend a majority of their time on tracks, which have various surfaces including woodland, sand and pea gravel that provide the conditioning and strengthening necessary for proper hoof development.  The tracks support weak hooves and stimulate new growth, allowing the horses to grow stronger, healthier hooves.  Horses can grow a new hoof capsule in as few as 5-6 months with the nutrition and conditioning provided here at Copperstone (as opposed to the traditional 9-12 month growth cycle).  The tracks at Copperstone are designed to improve hoof health and biomechanics, leading to a sounder, more capable horse.

Horses at Copperstone have 24/7 access to a variety of low NSC organic grass hays fed in slow feed hay nets.  Himalayan salt and mineral blocks are located on the tracks, along with fresh water.  The horses receive a custom whole grain feed blend fed twice daily that is supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  The equine diet at Copperstone is suitable for all types of horses, including horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s, and Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP).

Shelter is always accessible and the horses are paired with friendly companions during their stay at Copperstone.  Horses are free to move and socialize 24/7 as they are not stalled or isolated.

The horses are exercised up to four times a week with the workload depending on the horse’s stage of rehab. Exercise ranges from groundwork and lunging to ridden work. We have experience in dressage, hunter/jumper, trail riding, driving and more.

We take a small number of rehab horses at a time to ensure each horse receives the highest level of care. Please contact us for availability.