Manufactured and imported from the UK, WOW Saddles are custom-made to fit each horse and rider.  Dressage, hunter/jumper, and eventing.  Panels can be made with foam, wool, or air.  The seat, panels, flaps, and head plate/gullet are all interchangeable and highly adjustable to create the perfect fit.  No more buying and selling saddles as the horses grow and mature.  A true lifetime saddle for horse and rider.  Since we started riding in WOW saddles, our horses have shown an improvement in movement and more freedom through the shoulders and back.  Contact our saddle fitter Lea Ann Rogers at Leaann@wowsaddlesusa.com to schedule a time to try a custom-fit WOW saddle.


At Copperstone, we place a huge emphasis on safety! You will often see us training and competing in our air vests and body protectors. We believe in using equipment that ensures the safest possible riding experience. Ride EquiSafe carries the best selection of equestrian rider safety gear. They offer personalized fittings on body protectors and air vests and they carry demo equipment to try before you buy. Click HERE to take a look at the safety gear offered. Our favorites are the Tipperary Eventer and the Helite Air Jacket.

Horses at Copperstone have free-choice access to a variety of grass hays 24/7.  Hay Chix hay nets reduce hay waste and keep the horses occupied for longer while they are eating.  Hay Chix makes every size of hay net from half bale mini nets to 6’ round roll nets.  All of ours are the heavy-duty variety.  We have been using them for over 4 years and have not had a single hole in any of the hay nets.  You can get 20% off your first order HERE.

The Cody James Dymondback Rasp is the cheese grater of rasps.  Designed to work using minimal pressure, this rasp shaves through even the hardest of hooves and does not clog.  A single rasp lasts 3-6 times as long as other rasps, making these the most affordable rasps on the market.  The medium sharp rasp is our go-to.  Click HERE for more information.