Copperstone Equestrian Center is located on 20 private acres in Brooksville, Florida, centrally located between Tampa and Ocala.  We specialize in barefoot performance horses, offering equine training and sales.  Riding disciplines include dressage, H/J, equitation, fox hunting, trail riding, and trail obstacle.

Here at Copperstone, we put the horse’s needs first and take a natural approach to horse keeping that results in physically and mentally healthier horses.  All horses are kept barefoot and grain-free on a forage based diet supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals.  All horses have 24/7 access to a variety of high quality hays, filtered water, and shelter from the elements.  Our custom-built barn features 12' x 12' stalls, each with their own imported stall mattress, sealed-motor fan, and 24' run-out with 5-board fencing.  Most horses are stalled for breakfast and the hottest hours of the day before turning back out.  The horses may turn out in a small herd on the paddock track system or in one of the smaller individual paddocks.