Welcome to Copperstone!

Copperstone Equestrian Center is located on 20 private acres in Brooksville, Florida.  We specialize in equine lameness rehabilitation and barefoot performance for horses with hoof-related lameness.  We have years of experience in curing hoof-related lameness with a high success rate using natural non-invasive methods.

The rehabilitation program focuses on the equine as a whole using natural holistic methods to heal laminitis, founder, navicular, DDFT injuries and other hoof ailments.  Our goal is to improve soundness by allowing each horse to grow strong healthy hooves with the proper medio-lateral balance and biomechanics to support the horse and rider.

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See the Rehabilitation and FAQ pages for more information about equine lameness rehabilitation and the various hoof conditions that it can help.  Please give us a call if you would like to schedule a tour of the farm or discuss your specific equine needs.